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When you train with Play Included you become a member of the Brick-by-Brick® community. You must be a Play Included® Member in order to run Brick Clubs. 12 months membership is included with the online course, then renewable annually for a reasonable cost. Find out about the benefits of Play Included® membership below.

Members can access a wide range of resources and we are adding new resources all the time. Resources include printable Brick Club resources, evaluation measures, facilitation guides and additional activities.

Members can access free, monthly drop-ins with a member of the Play Included team. Bring along your questions about LEGO brick based therapy and meet other members of the Play Included community.

We invite all members to join our Facilitators Community of Practice on Facebook. Connect with other members, share ideas, and join discussions. We have an active community, with more members being added all the time.

We will be launching a new Facilitator's portal soon! The portal will include tools for managing your Brick Clubs, and a monitoring tool to enable you to monitor and share the progress of Brick Club members.