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Training testimonials

Our courses are engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking, delivered by leading experts in the field and equipping you to deliver the most advanced high-quality LEGO brick based therapy in your setting. Our training can be completed online or in-person.

Certified Facilitator training feedback

Our latest reports (2023) show that

  • 91% would strongly recommend the Certified Facilitator training to colleagues and other professionals

  • 94% said they found the training engaging, interesting, and easy to learn from

  • 96% said their expectations of the training were met or exceeded

Read some feedback from people who have done the Certified Facilitator training:

Sarah, Speech and Language Therapist

“Great course, very easy to follow, well laid out and motivating to keep learning! Excited to use Brick by Brick within my work.”

John, Teacher

“The course is an excellent combination of clear, concise information and video clips that clearly summarise the essence of how to run a successful Brick club."

Jo, Specialist Teacher

“The training was so easy to navigate and informative.​"

Peter, Mental Health Practitioner

“This has been great, I am ready to get started and so excited to engage young people in this experience!”

Computer screen showing Play Included Foundation Level Online training

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Advanced Facilitator Training Feedback

Our in-person Advanced Facilitator course allows you to build on your knowledge from the Initiate course, deepen your playful facilitation skills and network with other professionals in the Brick-by-Brick® Programme.

Our latest reports (2023) show that

  • 96% said the Advanced course significantly added to their learning of the Brick-by-Brick® methodology

  • 99% said their playful facilitation skills had greatly improved

  • 98% said their expectations of the training were met or exceeded

Read and watch below what attendees had to say:

Phil, Director

“This has been awesome! I’m so thrilled this exists & that Play Included has already done such amazing work. I can’t wait to start Brick Clubs in our region and am absolutely thrilled to not have to go at it on my own, but rather with a strong community”

Nicki, Speech and Language Therapist

"It allowed us to practice the skills that we had learnt online and make links with other trainers whom I wouldn't have otherwise got to meet"

Theresa, Psychologist

"I found myself pondering some of the topics that came up in both natural and more structured discussion even days later. I don't think I would have got the richness of this without the face to face training""

Ellie, Counsellor

“Thanks a million for a wonderful day of learning, fun and an opportunity to upskill and grow professionally. A great day.”

Play Included Facilitator Lego therapy workshop Inspired by Gina Gomez de la Cuesta, this LEGO therapy training is official LEGO Foundation partner Brick by Brick programme
Photo of the experiential workshop during set building. Training Brick by Brick programme LEGO brick based therapy Play Included Gina Gomez de la Cuesta. LEGO Foundation