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Frequently Asked Questions about training.

Here are some common questions Brick-by-Brick programme training. If your question is not covered here, do get in touch and we will be happy to help!

How much will the training cost? 

The price for our Level 01 Initiate (e-learning) course is priced at £240 (GBP), excluding VAT.

The price for our Level 02 Facilitator (in-person) course is dependent upon the country in which it is hosted and the Trainer delivering the training. We aim for all our training courses to be accessible.

We offer discounted rates for organisations or large groups training with us. Please contact us at for further information.

What will the training involve? 

Working with the LEGO Foundation, the Brick-by-Brick® programme has a training pathway for professionals wishing to deliver the programme in their setting. The training levels build on each other, giving professionals the knowledge and skills on their journey to become a Brick-by-Brick® Facilitator, Specialist, Trainer or Mentor.

The Level 01 Initiate course is an e-learning course divided into modules. The content covers topics such as: neurodiversity, the Brick-by-Brick methodology, programme delivery and, learning playful facilitation skills. At the end of each module there is a short quiz.

Level 01 Initiate and Level 02 Facilitator must be completed in sequential order. Individuals who have 100% completed and passed Level 01 Initiate can then progress to complete Level 02 Facilitator.

How long does the training take?

Our Level 01 Initiate (e-learning) course takes on average between 4-7 hours to complete. Upon starting the course, there are 8 weeks to complete. Our Level 02 Facilitator course is a 1-day, in-person, experiential learning day led by licensed Play Included Trainers.

Our Level 01 and Level 02 Fasttrack training course is a 2 day in-person event. Day 1 covers Level 01 Initiate (in-person rather than online). Day 2 covers the Level 02 Facilitator experiential training.

What is the feedback from the training?

Play Included have worked with AT-Autism to independently evaluate our Level 01 Initiate and Level 02 Facilitator training in the Brick-By-Brick programme®.

In surveys, 87% of facilitators said that they felt confident in delivering a Brick Club after completing our Level 01 Initiate e-learning course. 100% of Facilitators said that they would recommend our Brick-by-Brick Level 01 Initiate course to others.

Those completing our Level 02 Facilitator course, 96% said that it was a necessary addition to their training in the Brick-by-Brick methodology.

When will the Specialist and Mentor training courses be ready? 

We are currently designing and creating our new training courses: Specialist and Mentor. Sign up to our mailing list if you would like us to keep you updated.

Who are the training courses suitable for? 

Our training courses are suitable for professionals working with individuals who need extra support with social interaction, communication, friendship and emotional wellbeing.

Such professionals come from a wide range of backgrounds, such as, psychology, teaching, health, special education, social work, speech and language therapy, play therapy and occupational therapy.

Will I receive a certificate?

Certificates are issued upon completion of each training level. Level 01 and Level 02 courses are both CPD certified. Professionals completing Level 02 will have the option to be listed on our Register of Brick-by-Brick Facilitators, visible on our website (live in Winter 2023).

After completing my Brick-by-Brick programme training, can I train my colleagues?

No, our training courses must be completed by each professional that will be delivering the Brick-by-Brick programme. In our experience, receiving high quality training has the best outcomes for children and young people.

We offer discounted rates for organisations or groups of professionals wishing to complete training in the Brick-by-Brick programme.

Is the Brick-by-Brick programme suitable for parents to use with their children at home?

We find that the Brick-by-Brick programme works best when delivered by professionals in school, clinic or community settings. We believe in the power of parent-child play and, as such, have developed a range of Play At Home activities. These are available on our website, totally free!

Can I buy resources from you? 

We do not currently sell any kits or resources to use in Brick Clubs. All of our resources are available to our members via our member area and You Tube channel. Access to resources is dependent upon the level of training completed (Initiate and Facilitator have different resources available).

Do you sell LEGO?

Whilst we are partnered with The LEGO Foundation, we do not sell LEGO.

What is the cost of membership?

The first year of membership is completely free and included in your Brick-by-Brick programme training. After the first year, an individual membership will cost around £60/$100 per year. Group membership rates differ – please contact us at for more information

Membership will give access to new resources, Play Included team support, live Brick-by-Brick Facilitator Support sessions (virtual), and access to the latest research and events in the field of learning through play and neurodiversity. Access to membership content will depend upon the level of training (Level 01 or Level 02) completed.