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Brick-by-Brick® Programme Training for Professionals

Are you a professional interested in using the Brick-by-Brick® programme? We run comprehensive courses and free introductions for those new to using LEGO play as well as expert webinars for those familiar with this methodology to discover the latest thinking in the field. Find out more about our training and courses here.

Working with the LEGO Foundation, we've developed a training pathway for professionals wishing to deliver the Brick-by-Brick® programme. Focusing on learning through play, acceptance of neurodiversity and playful facilitation, our training courses are great fun, engaging and experiential. The training levels build on each other, giving you all you need on your journey to become a Brick-by-Brick Facilitator.

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Why choose Play Included training?

People tell us that they love Play Included training! Here are some reasons why:

  • We are endorsed by the fantastically playful LEGO Foundation.

  • You get to learn with our very own Dr. Gina Gomez de la Cuesta, Clinical Psychologist and author of the LEGO therapy manual and several research articles.

  • Our training is neurodiversity affirming, and includes content created by our neurodivergent colleagues and consultants.

  • Our training programmes are fun, engaging and inspirational. With high quality videos, interactive activities, playful quizzes and short, easily digestible modules, the Initiate course is one of the most fun online courses around!

  • Play Included Membership offers you ongoing support and access to excellent resources to support your delivery of Brick Clubs.

  • Play Included continue to carry out academic research and evaluation and we share the most up to date thinking with our community. This means you can be assured Play Included’s Brick-by-Brick® programme training represents the latest ideas and thinking.

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What do people say about our courses

Training Testimonials

Brick-by-Brick® training levels

Like LEGO bricks, our training levels build on one another to deepen understanding and develop full capabilities in facilitating Brick Clubs to support social and emotional development. Click on each level below to find out more.


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Get started with your Brick-by-Brick® training journey with our introductory course, called the Initiate course. This fun, engaging, self-paced online training provides all the background you need to get started. Learn with Dr. Gina Gomez de la Cuesta & Dr. Elinor Brett through videos, examples, quizzes, reflection and play. Topics covered include:-

  • Introduction to the Brick-by-Brick programme

  • Introduction to autism and neurodiversity, co-created with our autistic consultants

  • Learning through play and how this can support social and emotional development, co-created with LEGO Foundation playful facilitation experts

  • The theoretical background and evidence base for the Brick-by-Brick programme

  • Practicalities of running Brick Clubs for children and young people with a wide range of needs

  • An introduction to playful facilitation of Brick Clubs and how best to support social interaction.

After completing the course, you will become a Play Included Member at the Initiate level, accessing basic resources for Brick Clubs. You will receive a certificate of completion and you will be able to progress to the level 02 Facilitator Course to put your learning into practice.

People tell us they love this course, with over 60% saying their expectations were exceeded and 100% saying their expectations of the course were met.

“I just wanted to say how much I liked the training.  The layout and interactivity of it was great,  it was professional and well designed, and it was very interesting.

“I want to say how much I enjoyed the training. Its was so pleasant (easy to navigate)  and informative. I cannot begin to share how excited we are about having this program at our Center”

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We recommend prior to running a Brick Club that you complete our in-person Facilitator course. This course is experiential, and builds on the Initiate course to allow you you to confidently deliver Brick Clubs of your own - 96% of attendees told us that it is a very important addition to the Initiate course for their delivery of Brick Clubs The Facilitator course is a full day face-to-face workshop where you will learn through play. Try out Brick Club activities for yourself and develop your understanding of playful facilitation with support from an expert Trainer. People tell us it's great to learn together with colleagues, sharing ideas and inspiration and thinking in depth about the Brick-by-Brick programme.

After completing this course, you are an official Brick-by-Brick® Facilitator and you can apply to be listed on our register of Facilitators. We have had excellent feedback from the Facilitator course. It's great fun, and embodies learning through play in action! “The opportunity for experiential learning- actually trying out some of the activities really helped to consolidate the learning for me” “I found myself pondering some of the topics that came up in both natural and more structured discussion even days later. I don't think I would have got the richness of this without the face to face course” “The free play was also brilliant and a great opportunity to remember the joy in playing!”

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The Brick-by-Brick Programme

We will soon start developing a range of Specialist courses, to

  • Deepen your level of knowledge and experience

  • Learn about a wide range of relevant topics from experts in the field

  • Expand your expertise for different ages, populations and activities

Sign up to our mailing list and we'll keep you updated as these courses become available.

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If you are interested in becoming a Play Included training partner please contact us at We will send you a list of requirements for joining us as a trainer. The Brick-by-Brick programme is licenced only to organisations and not to individuals.

We are happy to hear from organisations who share our values and passion to help us scale up high quality training internationally.

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We are in the process of developing a course for suitably qualified professionals to learn how to be a Mentor, to support new Facilitators in their Brick-by-Brick® programme delivery. Please sign up to our mailing list and we will let you know when this course becomes available.


Prerequisites for running Play Included's Brick-by-Brick programme include:

  • You are a registered and recognised health, education or care professional (e.g. teacher, speech and language therapist, psychologist, play therapist, occupational therapist, counsellor etc.), OR

  • A trainee health, education or care professional or an experienced assistant.


  • You have experience working with children and/or young people.

  • You are able to deliver Brick Clubs in a recognised organisation that routinely provides support, care, educational or medical provision (e.g. school, educational centre or health service).  A recognised organisation is an Education, Health, or Care provider that has its own risk assessments, safeguarding policies and complaints procedures.

  • You agree to abide by Play Included's Safeguarding PolicyCode of ConductPrivacy Policy and the LEGO Foundation's Safeguarding policy.

If you do not meet these prerequisites but wish to train with Play Included please contact us at

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