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Helping them thrive, brick by brick

We know that raising a young person with additional needs comes with its own set of unique challenges. That’s why we have designed some activities to be used at home to help nurture family relationships.

Our free home activities are easy and you can adapt them to suit individual strengths and needs. Simply download them and have a little fun together, building communication, connection and play. Share your LEGO® creations on social media using the hashtag #playincluded.


"I Just wanted to say thank you for these…. I have been using some of the activities  as a quick activity 1st thing in the morning when I can see my boy’s stress levels rising/signs are showing that he is agitated. It’s been great to do something quick that I know brings him back down to a calm level but he also enjoys…"

Learning through play

Play Included and the LEGO Foundation believe that children learn best through play. One-to-one child-led play with a parent/carer can be particularly beneficial for emotional wellbeing. We hope you enjoy spending time together playing as a family. Find out more about the power of learning through play on our learning through play webpage.

Before you start

Make sure everyone feels ready to play together. Aim for a time of day that works for your family.

  • Tell your child what will happen and when. 

  • Read the activity before you start and get the materials ready.

  • Feel free to adapt the activities to meet individual needs (e.g. avoid disliked colours, or use a soft surface to reduce brick noise)

  • Make sure to have a snack and a drink, a movement break and a quick trip to the toilet before you start. 


The most important thing is to enjoy spending time together, playing and having fun. If the activity doesn’t go exactly to plan, or you do things differently to the way they’re described in the instructions, then that’s OK. Go with the flow, follow your child’s lead, and just enjoy spending time together.

If anyone starts to get stressed or upset, then stop and try something different or start again another day.

Have a go!

Click on the activities below to find instructions for each of the home activities. Each activity can be adapted to younger or older children, and different abilities. You can try whichever activity you think your child will enjoy the most!

The Missing Brick

Test your memory and observation skills.

Mindful Building

Being calm and creative together.

Brick Pictures

Create family pictures.

Colour Collectors

Go for a walk together, match bricks to the colours you see.

Alphabet Builds

Use the alphabet and your imagination to create amazing models.

Brick Float

Water fun with bricks!

Favourite Bricks

Share and build with your favourite bricks.

Build a Story Scene

Retelling something from a favourite book using bricks.

Moving with bricks

Have fun moving bricks in different ways around your body and copying each other!

Sorting bricks

Have fun together sorting bricks in different ways!

What's in the box?

Enjoy spending time together discovering different types of bricks!

Find the bricks

Enjoy hiding bricks and giving clues so your child can have fun finding them!

Build a set together

Have fun, building a set with instructions!

Freestyle building

Have fun creating and building something using your imagination!

Matching bricks

Having fun sorting and matching bricks together.

Fun with patterns

Creating patterns with bricks!

What makes you happy?

Sharing ideas and emotions in creative ways.

30 bricks

Being creative and making something using limited resources.

Try to copy me

Having fun building and copying.

Team tower

Having fun building and taking turns.