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Brick Club testimonials

Children tell us that they really enjoy the Brick-by-Brick® programme! Read some feedback from participants, parents and professionals who have used LEGO brick based therapy from Play Included below.

Pilot feedback, 2023

"Children love coming to work in the groups. Working together on a difficult task that requires collaboration is a very important skill and learning how to manage the frustration that comes with that is difficult for many children."

Andie Pirie, NZ

“I was most impressed with the way that social interactions carry on back in the classroom, not just at Brick Club.”

Brick club member, age 8, Mexico

"Me gusta mas que la tablet”​ ("I like it more than the tablet")

Play Therapies, NI

“The children enjoy coming to Brick Club and they don’t want to miss it, so they feel more able to attend school, which is a really positive outcome.”

Brick Club member, age 10

"When you make friends at Brick Club you know them for the rest of your life."

Brick Club Facilitator, US​

“Brick Club is the best programme that I have seen, that really works! As the kids learn, so do we and I feel that we have all made improvements” ​​

Speech and language pathologist, US​

“I am watching genuine friendships form and strengthen every single week” ​​

PLAY INCLUDED - illustration - WOMAN THINKING Brick by Brick official Lego therapy training