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consent given for Molly pottage and Daisy Welford

For Schools

The pandemic has affected us all, but for children and young people, lock downs and school closures have meant less time to play with friends. We all love to play, and we believe play is fundamental for children’s social and emotional wellbeing. We have designed a range of playful, collaborative LEGO® activities for the classroom, to help children and young people reconnect following the pandemic and beyond.

Building Friendships provides a range of classroom activities to help children and young people develop their social and emotional skills through play. The activities have been designed in collaboration with psychologists, academics and learning through play specialists. To find out more about Learning through play please click here.

There are six different activities:

  • Tall Towers: Two teams are challenged to build the tallest, strongest tower.

  • Set Building: Teams work together to choose a theme and build a model.

  • Build and Share: Children and young people build individual models to help them safely share some positive feelings with the group.

  • Aqua Build: LEGO® and water play combine in themed building challenges.

  • Speedy Racers: Two teams compete to build LEGO vehicles.

  • Marble Maze: Pairs work together to build a LEGO maze.

Click on Speedy Racers to view a preview of one of the activities.

Please register below to access the free Building Friendships activities, teacher guide and a short instructional video.

The Building Friendships activities have been produced for teachers to use with the whole class. There are primary and secondary school versions, so activities are suitable for use with children aged 4-16. Each activity has two difficulty levels, enabling teachers to tailor for different abilities in the class. 

Building Friendships activities can be used with any LEGO® bricks that you already have, ideally with some baseplates and LEGO minifigures if possible.