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Mindful Building

Being calm and creative together.

Download a fully illustrated pdf, or print this webpage.

Skills we will be engaging

  • SOCIAL - Sharing quiet space.

  • EMOTIONAL - Feeling calm and relaxed.

  • COGNITIVE - Flexibility, attention to senses.

  • CREATIVE - Using bricks as an experience.

  • PHYSICAL- Using your hands to feel the bricks.

You will need

  • Lots of bricks in different shapes, colours and sizes.

  • 2 x baseplates to build on (1 for you and 1 for your child).

Go with the flow

Mindful Building is about using the bricks in a relaxed, easy way. This activity is open ended. It is about slowing down, staying present and noticing what you and your child are doing.

How to play

  1. Sit together and look at the bricks you have. There are so many different types of bricks: long bricks, short bricks…draw your child’s attention to the range of bricks in front of you.

  2. The first time you try this activity it might be helpful for the adult to take the lead. Next time you have a go at Mindful Building together, let your child take the lead.

  3. Slowly start to pick up bricks one by one and placing them onto the baseplate. Invite your child to join in:

"Would you like to join in with me? I’m picking up whichever bricks feel good to pick up.”

"We’re not making a plan about which bricks to pick or what to build."

"Let’s see which bricks we feel like picking up. Let’s see where your hands put the bricks on the baseplate.”

Offer your child a baseplate of his/her own to build upon.

Staying Mindful

  • Sit together - Enjoy being together in a relaxed way.

  • Notice when your child is relaxed.

  • Notice what bricks your child is using.

You might also like to try

  • Finding a pattern to copy (eg. a mandala or something in your home).

  • Joining the Mindful Builds together in some way.

  • Trying different types of bricks to create your pattern. E.g. LEGO® Dots, DUPLO.

  • Keeping your Mindful Build and adding more to it another time.

Including others

  • Invite other family members to join in with Mindful Builds.