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Find the bricks

Being creative, making something using limited resources.

Download a fully illustrated pdf, or print this webpage.

"She loved finding the LEGO and saying mission completed every time"

You will need

  • A variety of LEGO® bricks

  • 10 bricks is ideal - use fewer or more depending on your child

Skills you will be engaging

  • Social - asking questions, turn taking

  • Emotional - excitement, patience

  • Creative - finding hiding places and inventing clues

  • Physical - moving around to find the bricks

  • Cognitive - remembering instructions, searching

How to play

  1. Hide some bricks around the home. Keep a list so you don't forget where you hid them!

  2. Explain to your child, "Let's play find the bricks! I have hidden 10 bricks in the house for you to find, and I'll give you clues to help you find them"

  3. Give them the first clue, e.g. "The red brick is in the living room under the blanket"

  4. When they find the brick celebrate together!

  5. Keep going until you have found all the bricks

  6. You can then play with the bricks or build something together

Talk while you play

Take a few moments to watch what your child is doing. Notice and comment on what is happening, e.g. "Well done, you found it!". Give your child some encouragement, e.g. "You're so close, keep going"

You might like to ask your child some questions, e.g. "Where shall we look next?"

Adapt the activity

Feel free to adapt the activity to meet your child's individual needs. The important thing is that everyone is relaxed and having fun, don't worry if you don't follow the instructions perfectly.

Make it easier

  • Hide the bricks in one room. Move to other rooms when your child is ready.

  • Take a photo to show your child where the brick is hidden.

  • Only hide one brick at a time.

  • Repeat the clues and offer to help.

Let's do a challenge

  • Let your child hide the bricks for you to find.

  • Draw a map! Take it in turns to draw a map to follow to find the bricks you've hidden.

  • Give vague clues, e.g. "it's in your bedroom" or "you're about 5 steps away"

  • Create more difficult clues or riddles, e.g. "it's in the room where we eat our lunch"

  • Hide bricks that make up a small model (e.g. a car), then put the pieces together to build it.

Include friends and siblings

  • One child can hide the bricks and the other finds them, then swap!

  • Role-play pirates looking for buried treasure.