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Favourite Bricks

Share and build with your favourite bricks.

Download a fully illustrated pdf, or print this webpage.

Skills we will be engaging

  • SOCIAL - Talking, listening, sharing.

  • EMOTIONAL - See something from another point of view.

  • COGNITIVE - Making choices.

  • CREATIVE - Using bricks in imaginative ways.

  • PHYSICAL- Handling and connecting bricks.

You will need

  • A selection of bricks (50 - 80) in different shapes, colours, and sizes.

  • A tray or flat surface to lay out the bricks.

How to play

  1. Explain, “We’re going to use our favourite bricks to make models. I will choose my favourite bricks to build with, and you will choose your favourite bricks for you to build with.”

  2. Chat and build together. When you have finished, describe to each other what you have made.

Go with the flow

It's great building something with your favourite bricks and seeing what the other person chooses as their favourites. You might both choose some of the same favourite bricks! Sharing can be a real challenge for children. Praise any sharing that your child is able to do and celebrate this. In this activity, each shared brick is a success!

Hints & tips

  • Invite your child to swap one or two of their favourite bricks with you. Share as many bricks as your child is willing to share (this might be a small number at first!).

  • You may have different combinations of each others' favourite bricks in a model.

  • Build 1 model together, taking it in turns to build with each others' favourite bricks.

  • Let your child build on top of your bricks.

  • See if your child would like to join his/her model to yours.

After you've finished

  • Play together with what you have built!

  • Celebrate what you have made!

  • Tell your child how much you enjoyed sharing bricks with them.

  • Show your model to someone else.

  • Share your creations using the hashtag #playincluded.

Including others

  • Let your child choose some bricks for you to build something with.

  • Add more people; each choose their favourite bricks. Take it in turns to add a bricks to the build.