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Build a Story Scene

Retelling something from a favourite book using bricks.

Download a fully illustrated pdf, or print this webpage.

Skills we will be engaging

  • SOCIAL — Talking, listening, sharing stories and ideas.

  • EMOTIONAL — Connected with a story, engaged.

  • COGNITIVE — Flexibility & adapting ideas to fit the bricks available.

  • CREATIVE — Using bricks creatively to resemble story scenes.

  • PHYSICAL — Building with bricks, understanding space.

You will need

  • A large selection of different types of bricks, including minifigures (if you have any).

  • Your child's choice of story/book.

  • A flat surface on which to build.

How to play

  1. Ask your child to choose a story -a story that he/she has read or knows really well .

  2. Invite your child to start building something in the story they have chosen using the bricks (and minifigures) you have available.

  3. Talk with your child about what he/she is building from the story.

A few more ideas

  • Both build your own model. Build a setting from a different story alongside your child and talk as you build.

  • Offering your help to find bricks they need.

  • Work together on the same model, taking turns.

Go with the flow

Any story is ok to choose! Any setting in the story is ok to build! Try to be open minded when choosing bricks to create the scene! The model only has to be connected to the story in some way. The most important part of the building is having fun together!

Hints & tips

  • Re-read the story before you start to build.

  • Build the image on the cover of the book.

  • Use a favourite film setting as an alternative to a book.

  • If your child chooses a book of facts, rather than a story, encourage them to build something connected to the chosen fact.

Including others

  • Ask children to build a story together.

  • Ask children to build different parts of the same story (eg. chapters). Children could connect the models together in the same order as the story.

  • Ask children to guess each other’s stories from the models they have built.

Signs of Success

We've played with bricks and enjoyed talking about your favourite story too!