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30 bricks

Being creative and making something using limited resources.

Download a fully illustrated pdf, or print this webpage.

You will need

  • A lot of bricks, in many different shapes, colours, sizes and functions.

  • Minifigures and a baseplate to build on, if available.

Skills we will be engaging

  • SOCIAL - talking, listening, asking for help.

  • EMOTIONAL - happy, calm, resilience.

  • COGNITIVE - problem solving with limited resources.

  • CREATIVE - using bricks in new ways.

  • PHYSICAL- connecting bricks.

How to play

  1. Help your child choose 30 different bricks to build with.

  2. Use a flat surface or baseplate to build on.

  3. Ask your child “what can you build just using these bricks?”

  4. Let your child start to play with the bricks and see what develops.

  5. Watch what they are doing and join in if they are happy for you to do so.

  6. Ask your child to tell you about the build when they have finished.

Joining in

  • Sit together - talk about what you are building.

  • Watch and comment, e.g. "Wow! I love how are you are using the red bricks together."

  • Praise effort - e.g. "What a great builder you are, keeping going!"

  • Both build your own set - build alongside your child and talk as you build.

  • Ask to help - ask if you can help find the bricks they need.

  • Build together - work together on the same model.

Hints & tips

  • Let your child decide what to build.

  • Use less bricks.

  • Start building with your own set of 30 bricks and see if it helps your child to start their build.

  • On pieces of paper draw some pictures or write some words of their favourite things. Ask your child to choose one and then build what is shown on the piece of paper.

  • Only use 1 colour or type of brick to build with.

  • Pick a letter in the alphabet and build something beginning with that letter.

  • See how fast you can build the model.

After you've finished

  • Play together with what you have built!

  • Celebrate what you have made!

  • Tell your child how much you enjoyed it, “I loved building with you.”

  • Talk together about your model. “I really like the house we made! My favourite bit was using lots of colours for the walls!”

  • Show your model to someone else.

  • Find somewhere to display the model or keep it safe.

  • Share your creations using the hashtag #playincluded.

Including others

  • Let your child choose some bricks for you to build something with.

  • Add more players; each with their own set of 30 bricks.