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Code of Conduct

As adults delivering the Brick-by-Brick® programme, the safety of young people is our priority. The Play Included Code of Conduct sets out a code of behaviour for adults running Brick Clubs.

This Code is in addition to our Safeguarding children, young people, and adults at risk policy and is intended to provide a practical reference point for facilitators in their delivery and management of Brick Clubs.

Do remember that you are a role model. Set a good example for others to follow

Do treat everyone with dignity and respect

Do treat all young people equally

Do listen, value and respect all young people

Do make Brick Clubs a safe, fun and creative learning experience, ensuring a hands-on experience for participants

Do keep a friendly and positive attitude to young people

Do adhere to safeguarding policies and procedures outlined by your organisation, Play Included and the LEGO Foundation

Do act within appropriate boundaries, even in difficult circumstances

Do challenge inappropriate attitudes or behaviours

Do create an environment where young people feel safe and can voice their concerns

Do report abuse to the appropriate authorities and follow your local safeguarding procedures

Do notify Play Included of any breaches of Play Included's safeguarding policy where such failure is due to the act or omission of any trainer, mentor or facilitator of the Brick-by-Brick® programme

Do maintain an up to date risk assessment procedure for Brick Clubs to help keep young people safe

Do run Brick Clubs in an education, health, charity or otherwise recognized organisational setting

Do work within your professional competencies and maintain your professional registrations

Do describe yourself by your profession (e.g. teacher, psychologist, speech and language therapist etc.) and as a professional who has undergone training in the Brick-by-Brick® programme

Do always use the TM symbol alongside the name Brick-by-Brick in the form Brick-by-Brick® programme and comply with any branding guidelines from Play Included and/or the LEGO Foundation

Do contextualise the Brick Club materials and training as may be appropriate for the circumstances, provided this does not compromise the Brick-by-Brick activities

Do connect and collaborate with your fellow Brick Club facilitators

Do ensure that any information provided in relation to the Brick Club is accurate

Do ensure appropriate and accurate records are kept for those attending Brick Clubs, and that the use and retention of any personal data is in accordance with the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018

Do not abuse your position of trust

Do not plan to be alone with a young person

Do not consume alcohol or illicit substances when you are directly responsible for young people

Do not dress inappropriately, including clothing that may be distracting or offensive to others

Do not overstep the boundaries between yourself and young people by engaging in friendships or sexual relationships

Do not subject a young person to physical, emotional or psychological abuse or neglect or develop relationships with young people that could in any way be deemed exploitative or abusive

Do not allow activities that encourage bullying behaviour e.g. dares, forfeits, initiation ceremonies

Do not use inappropriate, suggestive or threatening language

Do not provide personal contact details to any child or contact them via social media

Do not engage in inappropriate use of social media sites, which may bring you, the Brick Club or Play Included into disrepute

Do not take photographs, videos or audio recordings of a young person without the express permission of their parents/guardians

Do not act in ways that shame, humiliate, belittle or degrade young people

Do not copy, reproduce, sell, republish or redistribute Brick Club materials or training

Do not cascade the training to others in your team

Do not refer to yourself as a Brick-by-Brick facilitator unless you have successfully completed the Facilitator training course

Do not create unnecessary boundaries for participation in Brick Clubs, including the charging of fees which could exclude those from lower incomes