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Build a set together

Have fun, building a set with instructions!

Download a fully illustrated pdf, or print this webpage.

"A nice relaxed activity where my child had full control but was happy to interact with me."

Skills you will be engaging

  • Social -describing, talking, listening

  • Physical - connecting bricks

  • Cognitive - following instructions

  • Emotional - feeling calm, having fun

You will need

  • A complete LEGO® set, including the instructions.

  • A tray or box to put the pieces on to keep them together.

How to play

  1. Make sure you can both see the instructions.

  2. Let your child start building, watch what they are doing and join in if they are happy for you to do so.

Joining in

  • Sit together - talk about what you are making

  • Watch and comment, e.g. "Now you're on step 5"

  • Praise effort - e.g. "Wow, you kept trying with that fiddly piece"

  • Both build your own set - build alongside your child and talk as you build.

  • Ask to help - ask if you can help find the bricks they need.

  • Build together - work together on the same model, taking turns to find bricks and build using the instructions.

After you have finished

  • Play with what you have made.

  • Celebrate! Tell your child how much you enjoyed it, "I loved building with you"

  • Tell your child what you like about the model, "the wheels are so cool!"

  • Ask your child what they like about the model.

  • Show your model to someone else.

  • Find somewhere to display the model or keep it safe.

  • Share your creations using the hashtag #playincluded

Hints and Tips

  • Choose a small set that your child can finish in the time available.

  • Let your child choose a set they get excited about building. l

  • Talk about the model; What can it do? What special features does it have? Which bit do you like the best?

  • If you run out of time, make a note of what step you got to and keep the model somewhere safe. Plan a time to finish it together.

Include friends and siblings

  • Take turns to find the pieces for each step or build.

  • The children could both build their own models, then show each other at the end and play together with them.