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Brick Pictures

Create family pictures.

Download a fully illustrated pdf, or print this webpage.

Skills we will be engaging

  • SOCIAL - Sharing, listening, talking together.

  • EMOTIONAL - Fun, reflecting.

  • COGNITIVE - Visualising.

  • CREATIVE - Using bricks in different ways to build a picture.

  • PHYSICAL - Handling and manipulating bricks.

You will need

  • Lots of different colours, shapes, and sizes of bricks.

  • 1 x baseplate.

How to play

  1. Explain to your child "We’re going to create a picture out of bricks!" It could be of picture of someone in our family, one of our friends, or our pet.

  2. Talk about who you would like to create. “We could make one picture together or we could each make our own.”

  3. Start creating your picture(s) using the selection of brick types, colours, shapes that you have available.

  4. Share your picture(s) with each other -talk about what you like about the picture(s).

Ideas to help you join in

  • Sit together - Talk to them about what they are building.

  • Praise effort - “I can see you’re trying really hard to find bricks to create this picture.”

  • Build together - Work together on the same model.

  • Both build your own model - Build alongside your child and talk about your building process as you build.

  • Offering help - Offer to help find bricks they need.

Hints & tips

  • Have a photograph of the person your child wants to build a picture of in front of you.

  • Use different types of bricks to create your pattern. E.g. LEGO® Dots, DUPLO®.

  • You could also create pictures of film, TV, or book characters.

  • Make it into a guessing game: who can guess can the character or person in the picture?

After you've finished

  • Tell your child how much you enjoyed building together: “I loved building with you today.”

  • Play with what you have built and share stories about the person/people in the picture(s).

  • Show the pictures to someone else.

  • Find somewhere to display your picture(s) or take photos to remember.

  • Share your creations using the hashtag #playincluded.

Including others

  • Include a sibling or friends to build with you.

  • Build in teams - take it in turns to build different parts of the pictures(s),for example, head, body, legs.

Signs of Success

We had fun making our pictures!