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Activity - Fun with patterns

Having fun creating patterns with bricks.

Download a fully illustrated pdf, or print this webpage.

Skills we will be engaging

  • SOCIAL — talking, sharing, showing interest.

  • EMOTIONAL — pride in creation, feeling calm.

  • COGNITIVE — patterns and sequences, focus.

  • CREATIVE — creating new patterns.

  • PHYSICAL — understanding space, using bricks.

You will need

  • 20 to 50 bricks. Include different shapes and colours that can be sorted into groups.

  • Baseplate is ideal if you want to build a flat pattern or picture.

How to play

  1. Ask your child to sort the bricks in any way they want to.

  2. Say to your child “Now lets build a pattern using our bricks”.

  3. Let your child start to build a pattern with the bricks. It can be a flat design on a baseplate or a structure.

  4. Watch which pieces their fingers find and how they decide where they fit best.

  5. See how many patterns you can make using the bricks.

  6. Take a photo of your patterns or show them to a friend or family member.

Talk while you play

Take a few moments to watch what your child is doing. Notice and comment on what is happening, e.g. "What a great pattern!". Give your child some encouragement, e.g. "Can I try to copy your pattern?"

You might like to ask your child some questions, e.g. "Which brick will you add next to your pattern?"

Adapt the activity

Feel free to adapt the activity to meet your child's individual needs. The important thing is that everyone is relaxed and having fun, don't worry if you don't follow the instructions perfectly.

Make it easier

  • Use less bricks.

  • Start to build a simple pattern together.

  • You can start to build a pattern with some bricks and ask your child “can you copy my pattern?”

  • Prepare a pattern and take a photo, then help your child to re-create it.

Let’s do a challenge

  • Add more bricks.

  • Let your child choose the bricks they want to use.

  • Create patterns with different shaped bricks.

  • Using a baseplate try create a picture from the bricks you have.

  • Look for patterns in the house or outside and see if you can re-create them using bricks.

Including others

  • Children create a pattern together for parents to copy.

  • Ask your child if you can try to continue their pattern by adding your own bricks.